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Old 17th September 2010
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Re: Pete's Photoshop tricks

Olde Worlde pictures:

Everyone has their own idea how a sepia tint picture should look, and there are probably a load of different ways of getting the result: Here's one I tinted earlier:

So, where to start? Convert from colour to monochrome. There's a range of options for this in CS3 under Adjustments/Black and White where you can change the contributions of each colour channel. If you emphasise the green enough, you end up with a B+W shot that looks a bit like an Infra Red shot. Beware, I found some of the more extreme tweaks can give you contours on your image.. In this case I convered it without any special filtering.

Now use Levels (Ctrl-L) and select and adjust the Red and the Blue channels only.

I leave the ends of the slider alone and move the middle (gamma?) slider left a bit on the Red channel then move the same slider right on the blue channel. Keep looking at the screen to check the subtle changes in sepianess until you are happy.

In this case I resized to 800x600 then applied my home made Orton "Action" to the image, gave it a very light custom sharpen mask (see further up this thread) and saved it.

Now if you ask what's inside my Orton Action I have to confess I don't know precisely. I must have thrown the bit of paper away when I worked out how to save my own PS actions, and you can't interrogate the .ATN file to see what's inside it. The general principle is to duplicate the image to a new layer. Apply gaussian blur, then combine the two layers in some clever manner. I forget what the clever manner is.

Maybe someone has their own Orton method they can contribute :-)

Anyway, I like the dreamy and slightly timeless result.

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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