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Re: Climate Change - Latest

Originally Posted by wornish View Post
Perhaps having an open mind and reading the actual report might help some.

Any criticism with facts is just ignored because it doesn't follow the agreed line. The report actually has been peer reviewed and endorsed by scientists in Japan, but let us ignore that.

The key point is the earth's climate does change - of course, it does, it always has and will continue to change regardless of what we humans do.

But, it's more down to nature than man!........ but that cant be said.

The UK targetting zero carbon emissions in such a short timeframe will cost this country £Trillions! A bit more than the figure on the Brexit bus but that's one big legacy Parliament simply voted through recently. It will do diddly-squat to solve climate change - but heh-oh aren't we great and green just look at us. Hmmmm!
Do you also believe in a flat earth?, that the moon landings didn't happen?, that vaccines are a conspiracy by the pharma companies?, that 9/11 was a Mossad/CIA stitch up?, that the two Russians who visited Salisbury last year were really there to see the Cathedral?, that evolution is an unproven theory?, that God created the Earth 6000 years ago and placed fossils in the rocks to fool us?, that Elvis is still alive?, that smoking doesn't cause cancer?

I'm guessing you'll say no to those - but the argument for climate change denial is no stronger than that for any of those things.

The AGW hypothesis is proven beyond all reasonable doubt Dave - you're just in denial. The paper you quoted is a long way from being a definitive work. Neither author is an expert on climate science and the paper is not peer reviewed. The sources are scant and mostly refer to their own previous papers. I'd bet that there will be detailed rebuttals of it by the wider community over the next few days.

If you really want to understand why the sceptics are wrong, this is an interesting article -
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