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Re: Adobe LR - no more updates - options?

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
Just concede Tord. A few points:

- Software is expensive to develop. The market is littered with companies that went bust.

- If we want continuity then we need to make sure the provider can make money from it.

- Ongoing updates (new cameras, new features etc) are necessary and desirable.

- 10 a month is in reality not expensive. A few cups of Starbucks and certainly cheaper than film and processing.

- For the 10 you also get Photoshop, cloud storage, portfolio software a few other things.
It isn't the monthly cost that's a problem for me (at the moment) but the fact that once you stop subscribing you no longer have the software. I have just bought an m10 III which is not supported by my standalone version of LR so looking at ACDSee which seems to provide everything LR does.

Or I just forget about RAW and stick with JPEG files.
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