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Re: Grrr - really dislike the Olympus Menu setup

Originally Posted by Pistnbroke View Post
You must have a big house if an 40-150 is good inside or small things you photograph! 4/3 s not ideal in terms of sensitivity for "dark" interiors unless you use a flash. A friend has a range of manual lenses with large apertures 1.2 etc which is how he gets over the poor sensitivity.
I bought the 40-150 specifically for indoor use in my little studio space as give the wonderful Olympus design it's close focus ability makes it perfect for product photography. At the same time the lower end of the range is great for portraiture plus it's not too shabby outdoors for a bit of wildlife action, especially with the Mc-14

When I do my indoor studio work generally I have blackout curtains in place and use very low levels of ambient light, but since getting the M5, I've doubled the modelling light wattage on my flash units to aid focus or just do it manually. As for the manual option, I've found just pulling back on the focus ring to engage the manual focus option introduces and element of delay in triggering the flash, this can only be resolved by setting the camera to manual focus as well! I probably will get used to the camera, but I do find it hard work (menu wise) and was almost tempted by a Panasonic last week but resisted as I'd sooner put my money in the right place with some good glass...
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