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Re: Communal flowers, trees, plants and fungi thread

Passiflora aurantiaca by Kiron 105mm & Laowa 15mm

The plant is one I purchased this week for a local garden centre. It is not a species I have previously seen for sale. I planted it under a severely-lopped apple tree. As deer damage many of our garden plants, I wanted at least to get some photographs a.s.a.p. it seems a good opportunity to use the two lenses.

The Laowa 15mm gives its ultra wide angle effect best on full frame but this post shows some of what it can do on m4/3, where it acts as a 30mm lens with the x2 crop factor. Similar lighting (triple flash), was used for both lenses and the camera was hand-held. The widest distance across the flower (sepal tip to sepal tip) was just under 50mm, nowhere near the maximum magnification which is, nominally 2:1 on m4/3.

First, two images from the Kiron at f16, then two from the Laowa at f22.

Then, at the same apertures, a crosseye stereo from each, the Kiron first. They are from different viewpoints but that should not be much of a problem for comparison.


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