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Re: Communal flowers, trees, plants and fungi thread

Originally Posted by Harold Gough View Post
Cauliflower Slime Mould Enteridium lycoperdon:

We didn't find very many fungi in a local wood after a long dry period but we did find this stage of the slime mould where it becomes a smooth, dome structure prior to releasing cocoa-coloured spores.These (first image)were about the size of the palm of my hand.

EM-1, Kiron 105mm, twin flash, hand-held.

The first two images are from the same species in my garden in 2012 and show the stage just before the domed one.

E-P2, Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit 60mm macro, f11, ISO 200, tripod, time delay. Metering was either off a green leaf and locked or by compensation of +1.7. The brilliant whiteness made focusing exceptionally difficult.


So glad we have added some fungi too. It looks a lot like its name, and this second one has the colour and the texture.

Is it rare? I have no memory of seeing it, although on a friday night in city centres you get similar..
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