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Re: *EATING IN THE FIFTIES* . . . . . . that's the 1950's. . . . !!

Originally Posted by Otto View Post
I remember Vesta curries - and they're still available but either my memory is playing tricks or they're not as good as they used to be. Our radiogram had a "magic eye" tuning indicator.

Sterilised milk was indeed available, it came in a bottle with a crown cap (like a beer bottle) and tasted disgusting. I suppose it was an early version of UHT milk - which is equally disgusting!
Ahh yes. 'Magic eye' tuning indicators. They were fascinating things, and worked well as level controls as there was no inertia, and no moving parts. I have a couple in my bits box somewhere.

Sterilised milk was indeed a forerunner of today's UHT milk. I cannot remember now whether it tasted disgusting or just didn't taste of anything at all. Sterilised milk only ever came in the skimmed variety which was tasteless and disgusting anyway, and like school cabbage was boiled to within an inch of its life. I would rather have my tea or coffee black, thank you.

(Mods: Please can we have a ''sick' emoticon? )

The UHT process has improved massively over the years, and I believe the milk is now only heated for a very short time.

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