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Re: Spooky infra red!

Originally Posted by francois View Post
By the way, is it really worth having a body converted to IR compared with using an IR filter on the lens ?
Well, my take on that would be that it depends on the type of pics you want to take.

Its difficult to take pics of people or other moving objects with a filter because the shutter needs to be open for so long, also I found I had to focus, set up the shot, then add the filter and take the pic 'in the dark', sometimes it works fine but screwing on the filter sometimes moved the focussing ring and it was difficult to get things sharp.

A converted body gives you the same freedom as visual light photograhy and you use the camera in the same way. This means you can have much shorted shutter speeds and you can see what you are photographing as you take it. I am enjoying IR photography so much more than I did with a filter and I use it much more, I take it with me whenever I go out and often get it out simply to experiment. I certainly dont regret buying a converted body.....! Now how many women have you heard saying that!

I hope all this makes sense, I am at the very beginning of yet another steep learning curve and I am sure there are others with much more expertese and experience than I have, who will be able to give you a much more technical response.

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