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Re: Olympus presence at Focus on Imaging

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
And let's just not overlook the fact that Olympus does provide a very high degree of functional compatibility between Pen bodies and Four Thirds lenses. I know I will be using Four Thirds lenses for many years to come, attached to derivatives of the Pen.

That's OK if you like the Pen bodies, I don't. I bought an E30 because that was the size body my lenses (14-54 Mk1, 70-300 & 50) felt most balanced on. Prior to the E30 I had an E1. I tried a E620 (my dad and sister have them), but I thought that my lenses felt a bit unbalanced on it. I would hate to have to use them (especially with an additional converter so they work) on an EPL2 or similar.

As for hoping for a mirror-less camera, I'm sorry but I don't get that. That would be OK if Olympus continued to offer both types of camera product, but they not planning to. They want to give up on normal 4/3rds.

I see mirror-less camera's as a bit like digital audio files: somebody somewhere decided that digital downloads were the future, but they didn't seem to care that they sound worse than a CD played through a decent Hi-Fi. Digital files offer a convenience factor over CD's but that's it. When you consider that some people still prefer vinyl to CD's you then get an idea of just how un Hi-FI a MP3 file actually is. Similarly, FM radio sounds better than digital radio which is also compressed, but FM radio is being phased out.

Electronic viewfinder's seemly offer the functionality of optical viewfinders, but no one has yet produced one that is as good or better than an optical one. All they can say is that current electronic viewfinders are getting better: yet Olympus has already decided to phase out the optical one.

As for DSLR's becoming a niche product, that's OK there are plenty of successful niche products out there. Electric guitars sound better through value amps: transitor or digital amps offer the same or even more functionality but some people still buy analogue because it sounds better. Similarly I think there will always be people that will want an optical viewfinder.

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