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E620 low light autofocus assist lamp?

I was playing with my E620 last night as it was going dark. I don't care much for the camera's flash flickering away to help focus so I attached my FL36. The red auto-focus assist lamp works well but I didn't want flash in my shot so I was having to turn the head around away from the subject. This is all very well but there is a risk of flash bounce so not ideal. I then tried my LED headlamp which has white and red light settings. This worked fine and focus was achieved quickly but I wouldn't want to walk around wearing it most of the time. It made me realize though that the pattern thrown by the FL36 is not vital to achieve focus, any light source will do to get the sensors working.
Anyway I woke up this morning and decided that what I needed was a dedicated hot shoe mounted auto-focus assist lamp. Strange how my mind works. I went straight to Ebay believing that the inventive Japanese or Chinese at least would have dozens of these useful items in various flavours for next to nothing on sale. Unfortunately I was wrong, I honestly don't think such a device exists that can be found by Google or Bing.
Unless someone knows better?
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