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Re: Do We Rely Too Much on Electricity?

Originally Posted by Walti View Post
The over-all change to date for the three retailers I worked for most is in the order of 50%.

This is due to simple energy management, starting with - if it doesn't need to be on - switch it off, through to major technology changes in lighting, air-conditioning and refrigeration.

The company I worked for acted as demand management consultants to several retailers and in total the savings must be in excess of 200M per annum spread across the different companies.

The biggest change is the use of LED lighting as the efficiency changes are simply stunning:

For the big spot lights you see around retailers, they have gone from 80W to 7W to give the same amount of light, the quality of the light has improved (dependant on lighting manufacturer) and the controllability has improved significantly, as well as the life of the light fitting.

Spot lights were 5-7% efficient, now are 85-90+% efficient - i.e. for the amount of energy put in 90% comes out as light (and heat - it's the same thing) whereas the old lights gave 5% light and 95% wasted heat that wasn't usable light!

One worry as these savings became apparent was that the removal of such large amounts of heat would increase the use of secondary heating systems, in fact it's reduced the summer air conditioning loads, so win-win!
I used to work in a large air-conditioned office and laboratory which maintained a constant 21 C throughout the year. We had problems in the winter time with women bringing in electric fan heaters because they reckoned they had cold feet. This practice was eventually banned because the air conditioning was working overtime to keep temperatures down!

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