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Re: Do We Rely Too Much on Electricity?

Originally Posted by TimP View Post
When trains had sliding (up and down) windows, and even those with leather straps, did idiot people smash their heads on bridges, like happens occasionally now, or was the infrastructure just too far from the tracks for it to happen?
I realise idiots will idiot but this is surely a case of the nanny state marching ever onwards.
(Says the chap who, on a footplate ride, on a narrow gauge Welsh railway, managed to bash his elbow on a rather solid stone wall. So yes firsthand knowledge of idiots idioting!)
I don't think the infrastructure has moved or even changed much over the past fifty years. We still have the original semaphore signals over parts of the network (Glory be!)

Train speeds have increased in recent decades although I suspect hitting your head on a hard, immovable object at 80 MPH would have exactly the same effect as hitting your head on the same object at 125 MPH.

We have to face the reality that the nanny state can only do so much to prevent natural selection and Darwinism taking its course.

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