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Re: Audio Hiss EM-5 MK2 - Gain control?

Originally Posted by DavidJ1609 View Post
Thanks. I do have mains hum on my Hi-Fi, which drives me nuts and I don;t know what I need to filter it for watching movies or listening to music.
Mains hum on your hifi has to do with two things. One: In one of two systems with each mains connected is the transformer reversed wired. Turn the plug in the mains outlet if that is possible (two pen plugs). Two: one of the connections on the output or the input on a system has a broken ground. Only solution for that is starting all over wiring again. So disconnect all wires and connect one at the time, first start with the mains, switch on, no hiss then go for first left or right and if no hiss connect the other channel. No hiss, next connection and so on. Mind to set the volume of your speakers as low as possible or even switch the speakers selector to a speaker connection without speakers connected. Plugging in and out in a hot running system can cause clicks and alike which can destroy your speaker system. If there is hiis then the last connection you made will give the source and you can then repair it.
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