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Re: Psychiatry?

Originally Posted by Jim Ford View Post
My partner had a traumatic childhood, which caught up with her later in life (but before I met her).

She was referred to a psychiatrist. When she went, the psychiatrist sat there waiting for my partner to 'open up', which she couldn't. After half an hour, the psychiatrist said that the time was up and the 'session' ended. This happened every weekly visit for a year, without any progress!

Is this normal in psychiatry? Surely if a strategy wasn't working, the psychiatrist would try another? In medicine, if a patient has an infection that doesn't respond to one antibiotic, the treatment would be changed until one works.

Hi Jim, my apologies, I have just seen this. I worked in forensic psychiatry in Hackney for 8 years and for 3 years I ran a psychodynamic group for psychiatric in-patients at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, under the supervision of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Clinic. I have a fairly good insight into these therapeutic session your partner endured. What a waste of a year for her and how disappointing for you both. She would have benefited from a different approach. The fact she put up a wall is part of the problem in facing up to her past or not being able to see it or bond with the therapist. Its a shame the psychiatrist was not able to break through this and get to the root of the trouble. You could ask to be referred to the Portman Clinic NHS Foundation Trust for an assessment and take it from there, Google them.
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