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Re: Flash advice

Originally Posted by DerekW View Post
I bought 8 Eneloop batteries for the FL50 in 2010 from a shop in france when on the way to a wedding in Switzerland. They worked well at the wedding - over 100 exposures at least and have been in use since. I can leave them untouched for a year or so and then use them in the FL50 without the need for charging.
I have read reviews of batteries that claim that the Eneloop is not the best performer, if you have a good performer why spend more (do not talk about the E1)
Batteries notwithstanding, please be aware that many electronic devices now use 'soft switching' rather than a physical on/off switch. This provides many benefits such as auto-off, but there will usually be a small drain current of perhaps 15-20 ľA which will slowly drain any battery over time.

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