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Re: Psychiatry?

It's very complicated Jim, I have known several people who have had psychiatric/psychological treatment, my wife included, and also spent a bit time with a psychologist acquantaince.

It's a long long time since I did a some psychology at university, and things have changed drastically, but so far as I can see psychiatrists are still at the stage of giving a name to symptoms and treating them, whilst psychologists beaver away at trying to understand the underlying cause of the conditions.

My wife suffers from anxiety and when it became too much she was treated both at an outpatient psychiatric unit to alleviate the symptoms and saw a psychologist to try and identify the underlying causes of her condition. Both were successful in that her life is much easier now, although the beast never goes away.

What you describe with your partner sounds like the psychological sessions my wife underwent. I'm surprised they were so protracted, but who knows - perhaps some people suddenly do "open up" after a long period. Probably worth a second opinion though, I'm sure there are other techniques more suited to her, like group therapy (easier said than done though, unless you're prepared to pay, and that opens up a whole can of quacks)

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