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Re: W10 peek-a-boo for Junes update

Well, guys.

Here I am ....... on Windows 10. All up and running and for free.

Just to give you a run down of what I did and what happened in the hope it helps someone.

PC running Win7 home on a 500Gb SSD drive.

I thought that it was sensible to get a 1T ssd if I was going to upgrade and that, of course meant that I still had my Win7 safe in case it all went wrong.

I bought a Samsung 1T Evo from Aria for 127.98 delivered.

I used EaseUS Todo free to clone my Win 7 drive to the 1T drive.

I tried a USB drive which I had made, via the 'Windows 10 Media Creation Tool' when the offer of free update to Win 10 was available. That didn't work because it would not accept my Win7 product key.

I then tried making a new USB drive version, again via the 'Media Creation Tool' and upgrading from that. That didn't work because I got the message that Win 10 would not upgrade whilst there was a USB connected to the computer.

I then, this morning, went back to the 'Media Creation Tool' and rather than create a USB or ISO image, I told it to update my computer now.

It only took an hour or so, probably owing to the speed of the SSD, and everything works as it should. I've not yet found a driver which needs replacing or anything not working ... but it's still early days, only been running for an hour at most.

So, there it is. It really was easy and if you are on Win7 then, personally, I'd get it done sooner rather than later just in case M.Soft decide to close the hole for free upgrades.

Hope that is of help to anyone wondering whether to upgrade.

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