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Re: W10 peek-a-boo for Junes update

Originally Posted by Wally View Post
I was always led to believe that the Windows Product Key(s) OS and or Office products and product keys from A N Others, were encrypted and stored deep within the Windows Registery?

I do know that windows can detect the information but didn't think even MS or any other supplier would be able to access the BIOS? If correct, then it is basically another back door to be misused and abused which, in itself, is worrying?

If you're correct, then I've learned something new.
Not only is the Bios or, as on modern PC's it's now termed UEFI, fully accessible, even the average novice can do it. It is however something not to be messed with unless you have a valid reason for doing so as a mistake can cost you very dearly. Manufacturers often release updates for PC Bios in the same way as other updates are provided and installed. I've had 2 from Lenovo in the 3 yrs I've had one of their laptops.

A quick Google for " PC Bios" will turn up lots of interesting facts and information.

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