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Re: Forum Sill Plagued With Gateway Problems

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
Nigel - I always appreciate your contributions since they are thoughtful and well presented. I've found myself modifying my view on more than one occasion as a result of a post from you. However, what I will say is that ever since the Brexit thread, the tone of discussions here is too often turning nasty and personal. It's a real pity since we used to collectively be (a) more focused on photography, and (b) much more considerate and polite to each other!

In the wake of this it's certainly true that there has been more intervention from the mods of late; but I can't think of any occasion where anyone's views have been censored (in the sense of their opinions being removed or suppressed). Some may have been censured for things said, but I think in the main when that's happened it's been proportionate and handled delicately. We have all been guilty I'm sure of writing things in haste and pressing the submit button without the necessary thought, so I'm not trying to be preachy here - just trying to highlight a trend as I see it.

Does this make the forum sterile? I personally don't think so. There's no reason why we can't discuss things without getting personal or aggressive.

I also think, especially in light of the Brexit thread, that a "no politics" policy should be introduced. It's completely reasonable of course to have places to discuss politics, but I think that a photo forum is not the place for that since it colours members' views of each other and leads to division and hardened positions that then spill over into the photography topics.
Sorry I missed your post Paul and thank you for your kind comments.

I agree with much of what you say but I do feel that censorship has become too heavy-handed of late, and is not even handed.

I also feel it is a sad day if we cannot discus politics from time to time. Politics affects every one of us in some way and is often not well understood. Indeed I strongly believe that politics and political principles should be discussed more, and not less. The way the country is going at the moment I fear there is a very real risk that large numbers of people will never darken the doors of a polling station again; and I say that as a Remainer.

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