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Re: Forum Sill Plagued With Gateway Problems

Originally Posted by Naughty Nigel View Post
I agree. Sometimes I have spent ten minutes or so composing a well-considered epistle only to lose it when I press the submit button and the site times out. Maybe I am on a blacklist somewhere.

The problem with employing an IT expert is cost. There was a request for donations a few months ago which I and many others responded to but the moneys raised can only last so long.

To be honest the forum is becoming so sterile lately that I am rapidly losing interest. I enjoy a good, honest debate and was a keen member of the debating society at school. There was a time when robust debate was allowed here; encouraged even, but of late threads have been closed mid-debate which creates something of an awkward silence.

If members are to be asked to support the forum it is only reasonable that they are allowed to enjoy it and not be overly censored.

Just my humble opinion.

(See how long this thread lasts.)
Agreed totally. The silence resulting from the sterility is obvious from the lack of activity within the lounge from all the usual reprobates, myself included.

Regarding the cost of paying to sort the gateway problem, reading through the old posts where the donations were being requested I seem to recall it was suggested they would be used to improve this forum but this doesn't seem to be evident yet.

Would the cost of paying for the problem to be sorted really be so great ? I know very little about servers and other IT concerns but as the Gateway problem and slow running seems to effect the 3 fora, and no others, surely it has something to do with the server or vBulletin software. If the latter, do they not have a responsibility to rectify the problem ? This forum has been running so slow today as to be almost unusable with many time outs and lost posts.

The above ongoing problems together with the level of censorship recently applied to genuine discussions and debate makes me wonder if the forum really does have a future worth contributing to. I still have no idea why the last debate was closed despite reading the posts numerous times. I would also point out the debate was actively contributed to several times by members of the Admin team yet suddenly closed without warning on the grounds of "personal comments made about members". What comments and made by whom ? Maybe somebody complained in private ? I guess we will never know.

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