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Re: Political Posts

Originally Posted by Naughty Nigel View Post
I'm afraid I have decided to take a break from this forum altogether.

I am more than happy to discuss politics, religion and all the other taboos, but I am so sick and tired of the negativity recently that I would really rather be out of it altogether.

I have tried to lighten the mood and to provide some positivity, but every single post is met with deep negativity, sardonicism and vitriol by individuals who refuse to acknowledge the weaknesses of their own leaders.

I didn't particularly want Brexit, but my biggest fear right now is the bunch of anarchists around here who are not only hell bent on making it a self fulfilling prophesy but are already promising retribution threads.

I couldn't agree more Nigel. The problem with the politics thread is it is the same nasty, bitter, vitriolic individuals continually keeping it alive because they probably have nothing better to do in their lives.

Many members have previously stated there is no place in a photo forum for political discussion and the thread in question proves the case. Politics and religion should never be discussed in fora designed for specialist subjects such as photography as no matter how well moderated, they always result in bad feeling and trouble, usually caused by a minority of contributers.

The moderators themselves contribute to the political discussion and express political bias within this forum.

The lounge is a very useful board to discuss any other subjects and probably the most widely read and used but some subjects such as anything political or religious should, IMHO be banned.

As stated by others, if you do indeed leave this forum Nigel you will be missed as you are one of the few highly intelligent and knowledgeable contributors able to discuss a wide range of subjects without bias. That even includes your rather questionable choice of trouser colours I spotted when reading old posts.

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