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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by Harold Gough View Post
In 2001, when there was no more than a low level background of discussion on possibly leaving the EU, nearly a decade before the financial crash and a decade and a half before the referendum, I lost my job, as did about 3,000 colleagues.

At that time we were about as embedded in the EU as we have ever been.

The value of money has dropped by about 95% since the 1960s, during which time we joined the EU.

Apportion blame where you like but these things happen independently of EU membership. Major employers dump large numbers of staff from time to time. They then recruit again after the reduction in salaries NI, etc,. has improved the bottom line.

In a (10 year) earlier exercise, some colleagues were in the "Exit Lounge", having lost their jobs and engaged in looking for new ones, only to share the room (I don't get why) with their incoming replacements and were not allowed to apply for their old jobs.

It's a nasty world out there and always will be. It has, reality, little or nothing to do with membership of the EU.

Yup. Been there done that in 1977 (from Courtaulds), 1980 (from a French company), and in 1993 from Courtaulds again.

None of these redundancies had anything to Europe, but everything to do with crass bad management and short termism, which had become a major problem in British industry as far back as the 1970's if not before.

Interestingly Europe was cited by management as the reason for redundancies (the phrase about 'needing to be slimmer and fitter to compete in the common European market' was often trotted out), but this was just bollox.

In answer to Harold's question, there are two reasons why businesses cannot or will not re-employ redundant workers. The first is that redundancy payments are tax free, therefore HMRC stipulate that redundant workers must not return to the same employer within (IIRC) 2 years unless tax is paid.

The second, more obvious reason is that the new employees will be earning less than those that they replace, although employment law says that you cannot recruit new staff to fill the places of redundant workers for a certain length of time.

Having said that, when I worked for Courtaulds we always used to check the works noticeboards to see whether our jobs were advertised there. Illegitimi.

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