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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by TimP View Post
Right or wrong, Brexit must happen if we’re to uphold democracy in this country. I personally feel Brexit is crazy but it was arrived at democratically, and before everyone jumps in saying the information given was wrong (the ‘losing’ side always says that), it was the only info we had at the time and only now are we suffering a deluge of dire warnings about what might happen. No-one knowswhat will happen, everything is pure speculation. It might go horribly wrong, it might improve things. Just cos a lot of people don’t like the result it’s not a reason to try for a result they do like.
I try not to get involved in political debates but I have to say the above post by Timp is the most sensible and intelligent comment I've seen so far on here.

Originally Posted by Otto View Post
Democracy means people are allowed to change their minds.
Ohh dear Otto, you can't possibly be serious Democracy means people abide by the view of the majority after holding a democratic vote. It has nothing to do with changing of minds or we would be holding a new referendum every month.

Originally Posted by Jim Ford View Post
I agree. Post Brexit is going to be like a huge dose of castor oil for the country, to purge the idea that it was a good idea out of the electorate for 100 years.

Poor Jim, I think his needle's stuck yet again, same old comment. Repetition is so boring Jim.

I was initially surprised by the number of posts on this topic but it's becoming clear why now, same old comments repeated over and over with just a slightly different dressing.

I would have thought with such a high number of older, retired, Male Armchair Politicians on here the comments would have been far more original

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