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Re: Before and After?

I gave the second one a go with the dehaze slider and it's pretty amazing for a one-hit adjustment:

Clearly it needs a bit more tweaking but it has given a very good starting point. Many thanks MJ224 for reminding me of its existence.

I'm not sure which version of LR introduced dehaze, no doubt the info is on the web somewhere. It's quite well hidden. On the Develop panel it's under Effects, along with Post-Crop Vignetting and Grain. It is a single slider that goes from -100 to +100 and defaults to zero. On this example I just gave it +100 and no other adjustments at all.

By the way, all my examples are processed from raw files. I reckon if you are pushing the tonal values around this much a JPEG file is likely to fall to pieces pretty quickly, although I must confess to not having tried too hard to check this.

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