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Re: Tilt and shift adapter

Originally Posted by Ralph Harwood View Post
Hi there Dave!

I have had a look at these and also the just tilt version which is much cheaper. My issue with both of these is the OM lenses you would use them with - I cannot afford anything particularly wide to use with them (once you get past 24mm they seem to get very expensive very quickly!

I am tempted to have made a shift adapter for 4/3 to m4/3 - I have a Sigma 10-20 to go on it which should have a larger image circle to compensate for the shift (I believe it was designed for APS-C sensors). My plan is to take apart a cheapo MMF copy and have machined a dovetailed slide of the same thickness as the MMF and bodge the wiring onto it somehow. I'll let you know how I get on.



How did you get on? (Sorry to pick up on this 3.5 years later!) And why does no-one make such an adapter? Is it because most Four thirds lenses produce too small an image to allow for shift? (I'm not bothered about tilt but would quite like shift for architecture)
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