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Re: AF Fine Adjustment on E-M1 Mk II

Part of the problem is in the nature of CDAF and PDAF systems, and trying to combine them. One thinks closer is best and the other thinks further away is best, so when the camera tries to think and decide which AF system it is going to use for what kind of image (as I understand it it does not use both at the same time) it can get confused. According to the expert on the German Oly forum, there is never any need to fine adjustment when the camera uses CDAF, but it MIGHT need it with PDAF. Confusing...
That all said, a +10 adjustment is HUGE! My trusty old 50-200 has I think +1 on the long end, otherwise nothing. My Canon 400/Metabones is bang on every time on my thet chart. Unfortunately though, we don't buy cameras to take pictures of test charts, and real world situations are harder to manage.
It would not surprise me if there are improvements on the way via via firmware updates. Hope so...
It would be great if we could connect our brains to the camera via Bluetooth or something so it would know what WE want rather than decide for its self.
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