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Re: AF Fine Adjustment on E-M1 Mk II

Look forward to hear how you get on with this one, Ross. I have calibrated my lenses, where I felt they've needed doing, including 40-150mm 2.8 +MC-14. Purchased a Spyder Lenscal, used tripod etc and remembering to turn off the image stab'. Easy to get carried away with all this stuff but in my case, definitely worth doing ! All my current lenses are MFT(no 4/3's) and seem to remember I had fun working out how the camera function actually worked. For a zoom lens, you can adjust for the wide and tele end, on that same lens. Once confident how it worked, I was having great fun testing all my lenses and I found you can't spoil anything.... into menu, turn lens data off and you're back where you started.

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