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Re: Audio Hiss EM-5 MK2 - Gain control?

Hey, I know it's been a while, but I've been trying to solve pretty much the exact same problem lately, so would like to add some information for anyone trying to do the same thing.
The issue is with the camera's mic pre-amp or "microphone gain control" being low quality and producing a buzz, so you need to turn it down as low as possible (-10 ideally) and use a powered mic to (almost) eliminate it completely. If your mic doesn't have variable gain, you can buy essentially a "reducer" which adds a variable element to a non-variable gain mic (eg rode video mic pro) By this stage it's probably easier to mount a zoom H1 (or similar recorder) on your camera and sync in post.
IS or microphone to camera distance have little effect on this hiss, from my experiments.
I made a short youtube video to highlight the results possible with an aputure v-mic d2 and the on-camera audio circuitry gain turned to -10. Also leave your camera audio on 0, as then you'll still have audio if you unplug the mic, as the camera switches between internal and external microphones when one is plugged in.
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