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Re: No Manual Focus Assist with the 17mm 1.8???

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
Sorry, but I'm still not with you... You don't need to leave AF to choose its own point. I agree that doing so really isn't a smart idea. However, whether you use AF or MF you still need to move the focus point over the thing you want to shoot so in what way is MF faster? You can always focus and recompose to avoid moving the point but you can do that with AF or MF .
There are many short comings in AF. Ok this doesn't necessarily apply to this lens but having done a great deal of portrait photography, if you use AF, time and time again the AF will focus on the eyebrow or the nose and what you want is the eye. Doing portraits it will rarely hit the eye bang on. The trouble is you see a green rectangle. People think that whatever they place inside that green rectangle will be in focus. This is not true, the focus points are on the green lines of the rectangle. The green rectangle will more often than not, not be covering a flat plane (e.g. a face) so the camera has to make a decision which point on the AF green rectangle it's going to pick to focus on. If someone's eye is in the middle of the focus rectangle the camera will not focus on the eye but on the eyebrow which is being covered by the rectangle. That's just one example. Taking photographs of small objects some distance from the background or something a little more ethereal like wispy grass, you must have experienced difficulty in getting the camera to focus on what you want it to. I could go on with numerous other short comings of AF but you have none of these problems in MF. A quick turn of the dial and bang, you're on every time. AF definitely has its place for sports and fast moving subjects. At the end of the day its each to his own which makes for an interesting world. Every time I get a new camera AF technology has moved on and I play around with it (the new OMD - 1 MK2 has not just face recognition but eye recognition to focus on the eye), but after a short while its short comings just become frustrating when it's so easy to manual focus on these cameras with MF assists.
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