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Re: No Manual Focus Assist with the 17mm 1.8???

Originally Posted by Talkingdrum View Post
AF is so good, but the problem is that you are still relying on the camera to choose precisely what it is that you want to focus on. To me it's just annoying most of the time. Kind of like messing around with exposure compensation - take control of the camera, have it manual and it's never needed. With the OMD 1 MKii if you are in MF then you can have it set so that the moment you touch the focus ring magnification kicks in (unless the MF clutch is engaged of course!). There's a ridiculous autofocus feature on this camera where you can choose a focus point and then zoom in in that point and then choose another focus point with in that so that you get a more accurate focus point for what you want. By the time you've done all a quick twist of the focus ring in manual, a split second you're bang on.
At the end of the day each to their own. Because of AF a lot of people don't even try manual focusing. It's far superior in my opinion and I'm sure that if people tried it many would not go back.

I totally agree with you about Voigtlander 17.5, but I have chosen this camera so I have a light weight alternative to carrying around my DSLR system or medium format film cameras. I'm probably expecting too much of a Micro 4/3 system to behave like a professional tool.
Sorry, but I'm still not with you... You don't need to leave AF to choose its own point. I agree that doing so really isn't a smart idea. However, whether you use AF or MF you still need to move the focus point over the thing you want to shoot so in what way is MF faster? You can always focus and recompose to avoid moving the point but you can do that with AF or MF .
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