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Re: Confirmed: Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Will Start Shipping in Early December

Originally Posted by Phill D View Post
Hmm. The EM1 was the first thing I've ever bought as soon as it was announced. The delivery wait was painful as many will testify to but since it's arrival it's been superb and not missed a beat. Initial concerns about how much it cost all long gone. However, would I do it again or revert back to my usual stance of waiting until items have been out for a while and prices have started to drop? If the prices are as high as the rumours then like Ed I'm out and likely to wait quite a while before upgrading, even though Olympus have added the one thing I wanted them to in a new model (cross type af sensors).
Pretty much exactly my position too Phill. The Mk I still does most of what I need very well, so the need to upgrade is less than when the E-M1 first appeared. It was a pretty big improvement over the E-M5. The E-M1 II is obviously a big jump over the E-M1 I, but mostly focusing on speed which is not my priority. Better PDAF accuracy and the high-res mode would be nice though.
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