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Re: Audio Hiss EM-5 MK2 - Gain control?


If I use the touchscreen volume adjuster, the gain really does work from to quiet to too loud. However, the hiss is always there.

I removed noise in Audacity and iMovie, and the results were better, but....

1) If I used a little reduction, the hiss was audible every time someone spoke - so only reduced in the quiet sections between speaking.

2) If I used a lot of reduction, the voices sounded like they were in an aquarium with very unnatural fade in an out.

The above refers to a hard-walled classroom or my own apartment. Outside, the hissing was indistinguishable from wind hiss/noise as it was a windy day. The Rode was far, far better then in-camera in this situation.

It looks like I need an external and separate source to get clean audio inside. If I like the idea of video, I'll look into a Zoom or similar.

I've just reconnected with a local film maker who uses DSLR and has a sound guy - I'll tap them for advice.


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