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Re: Audio Hiss EM-5 MK2 - Gain control?

Originally Posted by DavidJ1609 View Post

I've got a new RODE VideoMicro microphone, a lapel mic, and, of course, the in-built mic.

In a quiet room, with no ambient noise, all combinations of microphones and levels result in a very audible hissing sound that is very off-putting. I doubt it's the microphones, as they are all different.

"Gain" would appear to be an issue, but how to set this on the E-M5 MK2?

It appears impossible to turn off the internal camera Mic without also turning off the external mic.

Disclosure: No time yet to do real world test. I spent a few hours today checking the range and sound field of the Rode, but all recordings have hissing.

In fairness, although less so, the Rode and Lapel mike have some noise in the iPhone recording app.

Am I worrying too much? It's just that there's a 7-day return on the Rode for a refund.

Any pointers to, specifically, the Olympus E-M5 MK2 would be appreciated.

Hi David.
I have the E-M10 MKII which came out after the E-M5 MKII and has the same features and I think I found the answer to your problem.

In true Olympus fashion there is a gain control but it is called "Silent Shooting" and is only accessible using the touch screen on the monitor.
For the E-M5 MKII the details are on pages 20 and 41 of the manual.

I tried the "silent room" test on my E-M10 MKII and at the default setting it does indeed produce hissing but by turning down the gain this removes the hissing whilst any wanted sound is still recorded. I presume there is actually an AVC (Automatic Volume Control) system which "normalises" the recorded audio and avoids clipping etc.


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