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Re: E-M1 and Sony A7R comparison (warning - lots of images)

Originally Posted by birdboy View Post
As John has said you have put a lot of work into this comparison but I do question if it is truly representative, the lenses are so different in FL and aperture for a start (35mm f2.8 = true dia 12.5 mm; 17mm f 1.8= true dia 9.4mm so the 35mm will let considerably more (43%) light onto the sensor). As far as I could see they are all well defined pictures as one has become accustom to with modern DSLR's Did you use the anti-shake mode on the Olympus, how does IS system compare? Does the A7R do composite or focusing stacking in camera? Yes I am probably guilty of being bias towards the EM1 because I have one and this is a Olympus forum. Making true comparisons between cameras and lenses is so difficult with everything being so well made these days. At the end of the day it is what you are happy with and at least you have been able to make your own subjective comparison. Good luck if this is the system that gets you the pictures you crave for.
Ermmm - I'm pretty sure that the amount of light exiting a lens is not related to its absolute aperture size, but its ratio with the focal length (aka the f-stop). This must be right since otherwise my 50-200 would be delivering several times the light that my 17mm does since the aperture sizes are significantly different. But of course it doesn't since it's f2.8-f3.5 and the 17mm is f1.8. I can readily see this by looking at the shutter speeds that each lens uses when shot wide open.

I know it's not an uber scientific test, but I think it's pretty representative of what you'd get using both cameras in real life.

As for bias etc - I hope you read the end of my post where I said that on balance I think I prefer the E-M1. The Sony's IQ is definitely better, but it's more than a question of IQ.
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