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Re: " beware the selfie stick "

Originally Posted by Imageryone View Post
Borrowed this from OM user, but it made me wonder how many forum members can, like me, count images of themselves on one hand ? I never think to put myself in the frame do others feel the same?
I have been guilty of hiding behind the camera for years - following in my father's footsteps who is absent from most of my childhood photos.
I've been making a concious effort to get in front of the camera, either by handing the camera over, using the flip back screen on the E-PL5, using the wonderful Olympus app on my iPhone and EM10 or very occasionally a handheld telescopic monopod thing.
I know most people dislike having their photo taken, me included - but the embarrassment and discomfort you feel today is wiped away when you look back through the years.

I bought the monopod thing before there were smartphone selfie sticks from 7dayshop - I rarely use it but there is a shot of our family at Disney in front of the castle and another of us in front of the replica of The Mayflower in torrential rain which couldn't have been got any other way.

Don't blame the tool, it's the user who is selfish - or not.
I've had plenty of photos spoilt by some berk with a DSLR and a sense of entitlement based on the length of his lens more than by a smartphone user - at least they tend to be quick
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