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Re: " beware the selfie stick "

Back in the 1980s and 90s I wrote numerous articles for outdoor magazines and editors preferred pictures that included people. Since I usually went alone to research and take photographs for these ventures I had no choice but to use myself as a model, using a tripod and self-timer. To enable me to get a good distance from the camera I had a clockwork self-timer accessory that screwed into the cable release socket in the shutter button, which could then activate the built-in self-timer of the camera. As I was using film in those days, I would often do a trial run with a stop watch, to check I could make it to the desired position in the available time. Selfie sticks had not been invented (although monopods were quite popular at the time) but these would have been of no use for the type of self portraits I needed. It was just as well that I often worked early or late in the day, or at remote locations, because anyone observing my antics would have thought I was nuts!

"A hundredth of a second here, a hundredth of a second there even if you put them end to end, they still only add up to one, two, perhaps three seconds, snatched from eternity." ~ Robert Doisneau
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