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Re: Cheap 8 Gig CF Cards.

Originally Posted by peak4 View Post
Just had a similar play myself using Sandisk Exterme 3 card & the Kingston one.
I'd agree that the Sandisk Extreme 3 is noticably faster in continuous shooting at full speed before the buffer fills up, though my numbers are significantly different to yours.

With the Kingston I was getting;

25 shots in 15 seconds to fill the buffer, with the LED going out in 30 seconds.

With the Sandisk;

50 shots in 30 seconds to fill the buffer, with the LED going out in 40 seconds.

It seems that the Kingston takes about 15 seconds to clear the buffer, with the Sandisk only taking 10 secs.

I'm not sure you would notice much difference with the E-1, though I've not tried it yet, as I've got to go and cook tea.

Addendum before doing battle with a couple of dead fish;
Just been to My Memory's web site, my preferred supplier,

They quote 20Mb/sec for the Kingston & 30 Mb/sec for the Sandisk Extreme 3, so that would fit in with my test results pretty well.
It leads me to suspect that they are probably as quoted and genuine.
What mode are you shooting in? raw or jpeg? The important thing is the file size and hence the save speed in MB/sec. I take it you used your E-500 (8 MP).

Taking an average file size for the E-3 of 10MB then very rough calcuations give the following save speeds:

Lexar 80x - 10MB/sec (80x = 12Mb/sec)
Sandisk 133x - 15MB/sec (133x = 20MB/sec)
"Kingston 133x" - just over 7MB/sec (133x = 20MB/sec)

Figures in brackets the actual theoretical speeds based on 1x = 150kB/sec.

So the Kingston card is probably a 60x card (9MB/sec).

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