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Re: Dealer Sale - 90-250mm £2750

Originally Posted by Bikie John View Post
The front element of the 90-250 is a "real" element, not protective plain glass. If you buy the lens new you get a plain glass 100mm filter - which fits nicely into a pocket on the case that you also don't have

I must admit that while it is a lovely lens, I only use when the light is really bad. The 50-200 with EC-14 is so much more manageable as long as there is enough light, and quality is excellent with either.

Ciao ... John
You are quite right John, I have just checked and the front element is indeed an optical one. The hood is as you know very deep and will protect it, if however I at some point choose to photograph rally cars or similar I will invest in a 105mm filter. Of course a nice S/H one may appear for sale and that would do nicely too.

Regards, Simon
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