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Re: Dealer Sale - 90-250mm £2750

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Sounds like a bargain, Simon

One thing I have noticed with a few 90-250s is the screws coming loose in the tripod mount foot - easily tightened though.

Did you get a UV filter and case with it?

Hi Ian,

I agree, whilst it is a lot of money it is also a 'lot of lens' for that money and you get a 12 month warranty with Harrison Cameras which is great so I am very happy.

I will keep an eye on the foot screws, perhaps a few drops of "thread lock" will be a sensible precaution.

No case or UV filter, however I believe that the front element is actually a built-in 'protection' filter. I may or may not be correct on that but believe I was read somewhere that it was. Either way the hood is so deep the front element is well protected.

One other thing, I am very happy with the focus speed of my regular 4/3 lenses when used with the em-1. This 90-250 focuses very quickly most of the time , it was hopeless on the em-5. I tried the 35-100 with the EC20 yesterday, just to see if I could go without the 50-200 SWD, again very impressed especially as I had the EC20 attached. In fact so much so that I really see no need to keep the 50-200 SWD now other than for the lighter weight, thus I may put it up for sale soon and concentrate on using the SHG lenses.

Regards, Simon
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