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Question Creation of a standard RAW file format for all camera manufacturers.

To all,

I use a photo editing software package ( the brand is not an important issue here) and at this time I cannot open RAW files from my E520 but can from my E500. I called technical services at the software company three or four times within the last three months and they have not addressed this issue and since I was the only one with an Olympus camera asking for this, they don't have this on their priority list. Thus only JPEGS can be edited from my E520. The issue here is NOT the camera or software brand. The issue is ALL of the non standard RAW file formats.

To this end, I would suggest that a standard like JPEG be establihed and agreed to by all of the major camera manufacturers and thus the updates for this can be laid to rest for RAW FILE Formats. When used film, if you used Agfa, Fuji, and Kodak the C41 process would develop all of these film brands. Or you could use the brand name's process. Thus when you brought film into a lab, they could do it no matter what the film or processing. It may be better to use the respective process, but you got great results anyway.

So with this said, why can we NOT do this with Digital RAW Film Formats? It would probably cut down on the cost at the manufacturer of each camera brand and standardize the file format. This way when it changes, everyone changes to the new standard. Like DIN or ASA standard. And last, everyone no matter what brand would be addressed.

What do ya all think about this and how can we as forum push this through this forum?

Dennis G
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