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Re: Why don't Olympus include lens hoods?

I agree. I got a lens hood with my 12 ~ 60 f2.8, but there was no pouch, which is a great shame.

I know there are third party pouches available, but I prefer the genuine Olympus items; and given the price of the lens it wouldn't exactly break the bank to throw one in.

I was surprised to have to buy a lens hood for the 12 ~ 50 mm lens on my E-M5, and wonder whether this will be the same when the new 12 ~ 40 f2.8 is launched?

I suppose it saves a few pennies, but Olympus would have saved many, many times more by not getting involved in financial irregularities.

What next I wonder? Dispensing with lens and body caps?

If Olympus really wants to save money why don't they do away with those silly white plastic thingies they put on 13A plugs to stop you plugging them in?

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