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Re: Free VF-4 EVF with E-P5s until the beginning of February 2014

Originally Posted by Ulfric M Douglas View Post
Chris, I reckon the greatest damage to e-P5 sales is from Olympus' own E-M1.
Imagine you're waiting for ISO100 and 1/8000 shutter, about to buy an e-P5 and suddenly there's something that will also focus your 12-60/50-200 really well. Done deal.

This new offer might make the e-P5+VF-4+17mm kit a shade less satisfying?
I can see your point, but surely the E-M1 and E-P5 are at rather different price points? Looking at just now, I could get an E-P5 body for 841 from SRS, while an E-M1 body is 1299 from all quoted suppliers. I'd also suggest the E-M1 is significantly larger than the E-P5.

Interestingly, the Lumix GX7 body has just crashed from 749 at Mathers to 693 at Amazon! (I've just checked the Amazon supplier and see it's an American supplier so not UK stock! But the Mather price is still very attractive when compared with an E-P5 plus VF4.) If I hadn't bought an E-P3 earlier this year as a compact alternative to my E-M5 - and didn't have my wife looking over my shoulder - I'd be getting seriously tempted by the GX7 now!!

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