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Re: At a crossroads

I am at the same stage in relation to my E-3. Although I have only had my EPL-5 a few weeks, it is growing on me (probably even more when my VF-2 arrives). When I put this and my E-3 side to side with it, the size difference is immense. I still have the problem with my 4/3 lenses, which I love (IQ but not so much their size) and their so so usability on the EPL-5, which I can accept up to a point. However, I am not sure if I can accept the lower IQ of the micro 4/3 lenses that I would have to replace them with if I went fully micro, such as the Pany 7-14 (not sure if I still need a lens this wide), 12-50, and 75-300. I can maybe live without the 50-75 gap. I need the versitlity of zooms over primes and although I am now contridicting myself I quite fancy assembling a small collection of OM primes in the shape of the 135 and 200mm telephotos due to their gorgeous look on the PEN bodies!

But to be honest I don't really know what I want!

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