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Re: Can I just say...

I like this site's format with the home page giving the latest posts (in all categogies) & sometimes I forget to go to the Forum Index to check categories like Foto Fair to find the posts that have been pushed down the list before someone replies (because of the increasing posts). With FTU site, I don't mind the home page except it is made up of news that could be considered quite old but still relevant for some, especially new users of a 4/3's camera. I just click on Forum towards the top left to see a bigger list of recent posts (like the home page here & maybe I'll set that as my home page) but if I want to see the main home page, I have to go to the web address & delete the extensions to the main web address. I would suggest it would be better to have a home page tab like this site.

I have just noticed that Four Thirds User (at the top left) is the link to the home page & maybe that could be made clearer or whatever. I also first joined up in the FTU forum with a user name of Ross (but was already taken here) & then I discovered this site was dedicated to Olympus E cameras, which to me, was more applicable & this site ends up being visted a lot more than FTU.

I have always made sure the thread posts were set to linear & find that option easy to change if desired.

Ian, thanks for all your efforts to make these forum sites the best.

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