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Re: Can I just say...

Originally Posted by meach View Post
I found FTU before I found this site and I rarely go on there now because I too find it difficult to navigate around. On here, for example, you can scroll down threads very quickly whereas on FTU you have to click on next and go through all the posts you've already seen, and there's no option (as far as I can see anyway) to "go to first unread post" as there is on here in the new posts section. I actually prefer to browse FTU without logging in as the layout seems more user friendly!!
OK, this is very interesting feedback and may be a configuration issue for the various user groups. I will have a look at this later today and if I spot any fundamental differences may make some changes to the FTU configuration. As previously mentioned, the two sites should really be operating in a fairly similar fashion, so differences being expressed here may mean I need to identify and fix things!

I do notice that not so many FTU members log in...

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