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Re: Can I just say...

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
I'm keen to improve the FTU forum where I can. I must admit that the I thought the FTU and e-group forums were organised fairly similarly. But being so close to it all, a fresh pair of eyes may be revealing.

Can you expand on what you mean?

I found FTU before I found this site and I rarely go on there now because I too find it difficult to navigate around. On here, for example, you can scroll down threads very quickly whereas on FTU you have to click on next and go through all the posts you've already seen, and there's no option (as far as I can see anyway) to "go to first unread post" as there is on here in the new posts section. I actually prefer to browse FTU without logging in as the layout seems more user friendly!!

Edit: Have just had a look at FTU. If I don't log in it behaves like this site does when I'm logged in!!

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