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Re: In praise of older lenses...

Originally Posted by Graham_of_Rainham View Post

I'd be interested to know who has used what and how well did they perform.

I rate my Tamron SP90 very highly. Provided you focus it properly it delivers the goods even wide open. Almost as sharp as the Oly 50mm f2 macro (!).

I also had good results from an unusual choice - the Nikon series E 100mm f2.8 - another lens I would use wide open with no doubts.

A lens I used on film but no longer have is the Nikon series E 75-150 f3.5. This is another surprisingly sharp lens, good wide open.

What do I mean by "excellent" in this context? Well, you take the shot wide open, put the card in the computer, zoom straight in to 100% and assess the picture from edge to edge..
I have come across quite a few lenses where you say to yourself "Pretty good, shame about the coma round the highlights, pity about the corners, some slight colour fringing - but then again it was wide open"
For instance the Tamron 135 and 200 are very nice, very useable but not "excellent" in this sense. The legendary Hexanon 40mm f1.8 is also very good, but not excellent.

With a "excellent" lens you do the same and look at the 100% image and say "now that is sharp :-) "

I have tried a selection of Vivitars, Pentacons, Hexanons etc and put some thoughts on my lens ramblings page ..

Hope these mumblings help :-)

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