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Re: Forum enhancements?

Originally Posted by shenstone View Post
Please correct me if I'm not understanding the request, but I think this is available already

isn't what you are asking for already available under the quick links ...

Quick links ... Subscribed threads

Or is it that you want a more summarised email - you can choose the level in the user control panel subscription options as a genera option or a specific option on the thread in question (see attachment)

Kind of, but not quite as that means you have to navigate to your CP, although that is better than going back to emails as I have been doing.

Here's what I mean though, this is a screen shot from TP. As you'll see you have an "alert" button that is visible on every page (just like the private messages on here). If you hover or click on it it shows you all of the recent activity pertaining to the threads you are subscribed to, and posts you've made. Granted it's only a minor thing but it does enhance user experience imo.

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