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Re: ND Filters

Originally Posted by rutwij View Post
Thanks Steve. Much appreciated!
Lee holders seem to have the option to use the lens filter screw to attach the holder. Does usage of the brass screw fixture not damage the paint on the lens?
Have you had experience using the big stopper? Would it be worth investing in one?
Hi rutwij. The Hitech holder uses rings similar to the Cokin system which attach to the lens thread. You therefore need to buy as many of these rings as you have different lens diameters (I need a 67mm and 72mm for mine). The holder them fixes to these rings using a knurled nut and has no contact with the actual lens. The 4 brass screws I was referring to in my original post hold the various components of the actual holder together and again have no contact with the lens.

I have used the 'big stopper' on several occasions and have so far been disappointed with the results. There is a very heavy colour cast present and my attempts to correct this in LR have been unsatisfactory. However, I tried a new approach in some tests this week setting a custom white balance on the E-5 using the 'One Touch White Balance' facility with the filter fitted. I then 'tweaked the WB 'A' and 'G' settings with a + 2-3 in both giving the best results. This gave an image that was close enough to be able to further manipulated in LR - I found I needed to change the Red Hue and Saturation and increase overall contrast but the results were encouraging. I need to test it in the field now. (I am actually interested in any other members' exoperiences in correcting casts with these filters but don't wish to hijack this thread).

I haven't noticed too much of a cast using the ND grads in isolation but have seen some when either stacking 2 together or in combination with a standard ND but in all these cases it was easily corrected in PP where necessary.
Hope this helps?

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