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Re: E-420 Taking pictures in dark? and focus lag (complete novice)

Thanks again for getting back to me! I've been plowing through the 'Fine' manual (that is to say, RTFM, but in this case given how Olympus wrote the thing, 'F' does not stand for 'Fine') but getting the right shot is taking 'way more experimenting time than I had planned. One of the things about having a camera with you is the ability to quickly get it to the proper setting to get The Shot. Dickering with a bunch of settings each time wasn't my hope, and so a quick flip to 'Night Scene' seemed best.

I can certainly try the settings you suggested. What F stop does one use for this sort of shot, a moon reflecting over water? Is there any way to get this thing to default to infinity focus? I've got a 25mm lens, so I figure 1/25 second or faster is possible.

Is there a site where there are actual e-420 users familiar with this camera who have hands on experience and tips on how to do quick adjustments? I've searched the web and can't find doodly-squat.
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